Dear Clients and friends 


    We wanted to inform you of the following restrictions at MMSD / SJD for this upcoming Christmas – New year celebration.


    As you may know, this date is one of the most saturated all year round for this station which is why they will be having the next procedure:  


    - All Aircraft that intend to overnight at the airport must reserve with anticipation. 


    - All Reservations will be confirmed or denied by the FBO on a first-come, first-served basis. Also depending on the size of the aircraft can be accommodated. 


    - If full capacity is met for any date a NOTAM will be expedited with this information. 


    - In case of any change in the itinerary (hours or dates) the spot will have to be confirmed with the FBO again.


    - Any change must be made 48 hrs prior to the scheduled flight time. 


    This applies to all flights from DIC 20 to JAN 06. 


    If you have any questions please let us know.

















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